Ross Township Zoning FAQ

What kinds of projects need Zoning Certificates?
Residential projects that require Zoning Certificates include: new homes; home additions (including decks and porches whose floor level will be raised off the ground); and accessory structures such as sheds, garages, above and in ground pools, decks, and fences. Replacement of an existing accessory structure also requires a Zoning Certificate.

Commercial projects that require Zoning Certificates include: new offices, commercial and industrial buildings; additions to such buildings; accessory structures; and signs.

What are the most common zoning violations?
The most common zoning violations include:

  • Construction of improvements, including building additions, fences, sheds, decks, detached garages, etc., without first obtaining a Zoning Certificate,
  • Illegal and improper signage.

Does the township have a property maintenance code?
Ross Township has adopted nuisance regulations which require a limited amount of property maintenance. These regulations prohibit:

  • Accumulations of debris. Debris includes garbage, trash, junk and other discarded materials,
  • Inoperative motor vehicles: Vehicles which are wrecked, disassembled and/or unable to operate under their own power and have been in such condition for a period of thirty (30) or more days,
  • Excessive vegetation: Grass and/or weeds in excess of 12” in height on a property of one acre or less,
  • Dangerous structure: Any structure deemed to be dilapidated, unsafe and/or unsecured by the Butler County Buildings Department, the Township Fire Department and/or the Butler County General Health District.

Do I need to give my name when making a complaint?
Township residents are encouraged to report violations to the Township. Only by leaving your name, address, and phone number will you be advised of the status of your complaint. Recognizing the sensitive nature of some violations anonymous complaints are accepted. Complaints are accepted in writing, by phone, fax, or email, or in person.